The role of media in countering terrorism



The International Academy of Television and Radio holds the XVI International Conference «The role of media in countering terrorism» on November 26-27 in Moscow.

The Conference is supported by the Federal Agency for Press and Communications of the Russian Federation.

This year the conference will be held in a combined online and offline format. The online format will be provided by the Zoom platform.

The conference is expected to be attended by top managers and journalists of the leading electronic media of the world (TV, radio, internet), representatives of diplomatic and special services, experts and international organizations.

It is planned to discuss issues of media and terrorism at two plenary sessions and round tables.  Plenary sessions and round tables will consider important topics like:

  • Changing direction of journalism in the anti-terrorist struggle
  • New challenges: why modern journalists react so late?
  • New old danger: far right and far left activists
  • Professional journalism today: is investigative journalism still important?
  • Cyberthreats and modern challenges to information security
  • Fighting terrorism in a high-tech environment: what methods of countering terrorism are inspiring and what are alarming?