International Academy of Television and Radio (IATR) was established in October 2002 at the constitutive conference of representatives of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Canada, Lithuania, Russia, the USA, Finland, Tajikistan and Switzerland.

By the decision of the founders, the IATR’s headquarters are located in Moscow (Russia). Sergey Erofeev is appointed the Executive Director of the IATR.

In 2004 IATR was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as an international organization.

The IATR is non-governmental public organization whose main objective is to expand creative interaction and exchanges among those who work in electronic media regardless of political and geographical borders. Currently the Academy comprises more than 300 television, radio and Web professionals of 26 countries of four continents.

In 2015 Anatoly Lysenko, general director of the Public Television of Russia was reelected as President of the IATR.

In 2012, the Board of the Academy established the IATR award “Academic recognition” to ensure that every year is a notable phenomenon on television and radio.

In 2013 Leonid Mlechin was elected as Chairman of the Board of the IATR.

Membership in the Academy gives colleagues from various countries an opportunity to participate in all IATR projects, including festivals, conferences and contests, as well as an opportunity to launch their own projects in the frameworks of the Academy.

Structure of IATR includes sections of television, radio, professional education, technical and Internet.