The Draft Final Document of the Twelfth Conference





Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

October 21, 2016

We, participants of the Twelfth International Conference «Terrorism and Electronic Media», with great concern and alarm note that the last year have shown the increase of terrorist threat to peace all over the world.

The international terrorism has been transforming, taking new shapes and constituting real danger to the modern world order. In particular, next to actively using Internet information capacities to influence mass audience in different countries through sites and social networks, it also creates capable mechanisms of influencing public opinion.

Having in mind this extraordinary situation the Conference participants specifically underline the necessity for journalists and heads of national mass media all over the world to look for new intellectual approaches (professional and creative) to cover terrorist activity at all information platforms in all parts of the world.

The Conference participants note the necessity of setting an international consortium of journalists, investigating terrorist crimes, to expose criminal nature of terrorist  activities and make punishment for their crimes inevitable.

The Conference participants favor active involvement of the UN, OSCE, CSTO and Council of Europe representatives in its discussions together with many national public and state organizations, including the Russian Union of Journalistsk, the Mediacongress “the Commonwealth of Journalists”, the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the RF Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications as well as representatives of Serbian parliament and government.

The Conference participants expect that governments of different countries and international organizations take all possible steps to ensure safety of journalists in “hot spots”.

We propose to extend the Conference format by a number of small informal discussions on the conference topics outside its official program.

The Conference participants are assured that its organizing committee will retain the tradition of holding the conference in different parts of the world to attract new participants and will plan the conference “Terrorism and Electronic Media 2017” accordingly.

It is necessary to form a Working Group and request its members to bring in their corrections and additions to the document by November 21, 2016. The approved version of the Final Document will be published in mass media of different countries and sent to national and international organizations.