Recommendations to journalists covering issues of terrorism



Professional journalism creates full-scale informational environments which counters the propaganda of terrorist organizations, contributes to the formation in the society of an atmosphere of categorical rejection of terrorist violence, justified by any ideological, religious, political or nationalist slogans. Therefore, the terrorist threat should not be used as a reason or justification for limitations that hinder the free exchange of opinions or the professional work of mass media.

Recognizing the danger of international terrorism, we ask our colleagues to be highly responsible when writing on the issue of terrorism.


– encourage profound discussion of terrorism, search for methods of combatting the threat, conduct investigations, and inform society of real problems and conflicts;

– avoid messages and commentaries instigating tensions, animosity and hatred along political, religious and national lines;

– exclude any public justifications of terrorist actions;

– stop misinformation, thoroughly check information from unknown sources – a professional duty in all areas of journalism;

– bear in mind that live TV and radio programs, as well as Internet messages, can be used by terrorists to advance their own interests;

– be sensitive and attentive to feelings of the families of terrorist act victims; show tact to witnesses of terror attacks when deriving information from them;

– avoid excessively graphic content when showing the scene a terror act and/or its victims;

– remember your responsibility to provide information to the public and not to play sensationalize; pay attention to the content and tone of your message;

– remember that the global community rejects the idea that is tied to any particular religion, race or nationality.