Festival “Integration” is waiting for your works


The International academy of television and radio (IATR) will hold in December 2016 the Sixth international festival of electronic media about and for disabled people “The Integration”

The main mission of the festival is to attract attention of international, national and regional electronic media to the problems of disabled people and their role in society and to upgrade professional level of journalists who cover their life.

The Festival jury accepts television, radio and Internet materials published in the period from January 1, 2015 till October 10, 2016.

The nominations of the festival:

1. News reports on television, radio or in the Internet.
2. Essays or series of materials, website
3. Documentary, television or radio program, Internet portal.

The working language of the festival is Russian, so the materials should have Russian translation.

We are waiting for your materials till October 21, 2016.    

Please fill this form to participate in the festival and send it to: integracia2016@yandex.ru

Please note that television and radio materials should be sent on DVD or CD (3 copies, .avi or mpeg4 /.mp3 format) or via internet resources (links) to view or download (the Dropbox and other file-sharing system with public access to the e-mail: integracia2016@yandex.ru.

All materials should be delivered to the office of the International academy of television and radio: Russia 115054, Moscow, Ozerkovskaya nab., 52/1. The cover of DVD/CD should carry such information as country of origin, company’s/site name, authors names, duration, date of broadcast/publishing, contact information (telephone and e-mail).

The creators of the best materials will be awarded with diplomas and prizes. The festival and the award ceremony will take place in Moscow in the first decade of December, 2016.

Organizers of the festival: The International academy of television and radio (IATR) and the Russian Society of Invalids with the support of the Department of Media and Advertising of Moscow

Additional information:

Project Coordinators – Dmitry Zasluev and Yana Dorokhova

E-mail: office@interatr.org, press@interatr.org

tel. +7-910-460-18-47, +7-915-200-99-03

E-mail: office@interatr.org, press@interatr.org