Draft Final document





 Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus

November 1, 2018

We, the participants of the Fourteenth International Conference «Terrorism and Electronic Mass Media», note that a number of victims of international terrorism has been recently going down, although it has shown its ability to transform and take new shapes.

Together with attempts to impact society through mass media terrorism at present has actively been using capacities of global communication environment (internet) and social networks. Terrorism ideologues have been looking for new ways of attracting young people from different countries not only offline, but online, too. Terrorism has been notably merging with right radical movements in many countries.

The Conference participants are of the opinion that to combat terrorist ideology the international journalist community under current circumstances should develop intellectual approaches.

Particularly, the Conference continued to discuss the IATR initiative related to new recommendations to journalists, who cover the topic. The recommendations were based on the UN Security Council resolution 2354 and UNESCO publication «Terrorism and Mass Media» and they are open for discussion by journalists from all over the world.

The Conference points out the importance of the «Kaspersky Laboratory» report on current threats in Internet and proposes to journalists in different countries to keep on covering the issue in their publications.

The Conference participants denounce tragic deaths of 57 journalists in 2018 and express concern over safety of journalist work all over the world.

The Conference participants stress the productive contribution by the UNESCO representatives and many national public and state organizations, including Cyprian and Russian Unions of Journalists, Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and Russia, the RF Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications.

The Conference participants are convinced that the Organizing Committee will accept the proposal by the President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis to hold the Fifteenth Conference «Terrorism and Electronic Mass Media» in 2019 in Cyprus.

The Conference participants ask IATR to form the Conference working group and offer to all its participants to introduce corrections and amendments to this document by November 30, 2018. The agreed version of the Final Document will be published in mass media of different countries and sent to national and international organizations.